High Power RF & Microwave Coaxial Attenuators

General Specifications

§  Standard Attenuation Values: 1 – 30dB

§  Frequency: DC – 6 GHz

§ Power: up to 100W

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Product ImageEP Part NumberFrequency (GHz)Power (W)VSWR (max)ConnectorDatasheet

EPAC-25-XX-NM6251.3N (m/f ) or 7-16 (m/f)

EPAC-40-XX-7-164401.37-16 (m/f) 4.3-10 m/f

EPAC-60-XX-NM6601.3N (m/f ) or 7-16 (m/f)

EPAC-100-XX-NM61001.3N (m/f ) or 7-16 (m/f)